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The Ace of Spades ©

Ian McCrae
Sydney, Australia

With a twinkle in his eye,
That cunning Irish smile
He gives his wife a cuddle
In his good old country style:

The two of them together
For she is Irish too,
Her eyes are just like diamonds
Her cheeks like morning due.

Teasing her in a very way
For she is just the same,
Her cheeky little smile
She is the one to blame.

I will fix you tonight
When I get you into bed,
I suppose you will be sleeping
Or pretending to be dead:

A coffee in the morning
A new day has begun,
Good morning my little princess
I have the washing done.

I'll feed the birds and vacuum the floor
And go for my morning walk,
Is there anything my darling, you think I have forgot?
Later on my darling, we’ll have a good long talk.

We can cut the cards and take a chance
I might even win,
Anything that will keep you happy
With that funny looking grin:

The ace of spades
I have won. She looked at him and said,
Come on pay up, don’t you go to sleep tonight
Until your debt is paid.

Good morning my little princess
There was something I would like to say,
I made you a promise,
To love honour and obey.

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