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The Abdication ©

Mary Queen of Scots (In a nutshell) Part 13

Joe Sharp
Stra'ven, Scotland

Mary’s forced tae abdicate, in favour o’ her son, jist ane year old
In a dungeon oan Loch Leven, where it wis damp, an’ it wis cold
Wi’ the help o’ yon young Douglas, she escaped tae fight again
At Langside jist ootside Glesga, she amassed six thoosan’ men

The battle wis a gory one, an’ the bloody Earl o’ Moray won
Chasin’ Mary’s men right doon tae Solway Bay
No’ afraid o’ anyone, an’ against the advice o’ everyone
She who turns an’ runs away, lives tae fight anither day

Dressed discretely as a wee fishwife
Sailin’ o’er the bay tae a bright new life
Wrapped up snuggly in a tartan shawl
Spendin’ the night at Workin’ton Hall

Mary wis hopin’ that her big cousin Lizzy
Would help her get o’er this bit o’ a tizzy
Insteed skinny Lizzy rang a loud death knell
An’ condemned oor Mary tae nineteen years o’ hell

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