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The 21st Century ©

Anne Dickson
Irvine, Scotland

The 21st century is a time.
When children have too much spare time.
Lack of jobs and things to do.
Boredom and frustration to.

They sit around with no ambition.
Flunking school with fine precision.
They laze about and play computers.
And soon become expert no-users.

They do not try to find a job.
Just sit around being a slob.
Smoking pot, they like to chill.
Say it gives them such a thrill.

Some move on to harder stuff.
Cocaine and heroin is bad enough.
Some share needles with their friends.
They could get AIDS, I won't pretend.

Over-dosing and hep. B.
Really scares the life from me.
When will they ever learn?
If they do I don't know when.

They will learn I guess in time.
That all this stuff is not sublime.
It ruins their lives and makes them bad.
I really, really feel quite sad.

"The world's cruel." you here them say.
We did not mean to get this way.
They will learn I am quite sure.
When maturity comes and sense ensures.
They really are good kids you see.
It's just society to a big degree.

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