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Thanks For The Music ©

by Hamish M Anstruther

Ah've yet tae find
anither kind
o' pastime
that could
ease ma mind....
like music!

When ah get stress'd
don't feel ma best
wi' pressure;
ah jist
tak a rest....
for music!

A symphony
by Tchaikovsky,
or ballad
sung by
Bing Crosby....
fine music!

A violin
by Menuhin,
or Maxim
that's music!

A concerto
that we all know,
or songs by
John, Paul,
George, Ringo....
cool music!

A jig by Shand
an' his dance band
at ceilidhs
up and
doon the land....
great music!

Proud pipes an' drums
at the 'Edinburgh
Tatoo, wi' plaids
an' kilts of
tartan hue....
stirring music!

To all those folk
who gave me so
much pleasure.
I raise a toast
to the treasure....
of your music!

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