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Thank God Iím an Atheist ©

Danny Reynolds
Dalton in Furness, England

One fine night, in the middle of the day,
two atheists knelt down to pray.
Hymn books opened upside-down,
in Top Hat n' Tails, and their dressing gown.

The in-verse lyrics from the page,
sung happily with joyous rage.
Two old friends, first meeting each other,
(both my Grandadís grandsonís sisterís brother.)
With sufficient humility, to make them proud,
in perfect silence, they roared out loud.

ďAll things dim and dutiful,
all tree cures smate and groll.
All things dense and blunderfull,
what good is a square ball?Ē

Cursed by the blessing,
and accepted by rejection.
As welcoming as Ebenezer,
(when itís time to pass the collection.)

Thanking God for their disbelief,
from their heads up to their toes.
And then with Pious reverence,
they did pick each otherís nose.

These two brave cowards stand as one
In truth they are my fatherís son.

You students of genealogy,
must unsurely disagree.
For my Grandadís grandsonís sisterís brother,
Can be none other thanÖ..

p.s.:-(Some students of genealogy,
have been giving me some bother.
Theyíve pointed out, without a doubt,
it could also be my brother!)

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