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Tell me Holy Men ©

Jim McRobert
Edinburgh, Scotland
In Countries all around the world it is legal in the eyes of Religion and Country that young girls can be abused sexually. Why is this permitted by Pope and Mullah?

Tell me all you Holy Men from all the books you've read
Where does it say a young girl must have her baby when she was raped in bed
Where does it say in all your books that women must say yes
To live a life of suffering or they will not be Blessed
Tell me all you Holy men who leech us for your dough
Explain to us your Inquisitor how you gained this view?
You hold Her in the highest a model from the past
You cosset Her and worship Her each promised die is caste
You hold Her high religiously believing what is not
Forsaking all these little girls in Testament forgot
So tell us all you Holy men where did you get the right
To say the words persistently that You can see the Light
One Man to you dictates what is right and what is not
A Holy man or Priest you say absolves man from his lot
It is written in The Holy Book for all to understand
Written words as plain as plain simple and quite bland
I ask again the question show us now the page
Where girls of every age and creed should heed this vocal cage
Perhaps we know the answer it is plain so plain to see
Your scared of all these little girls, scared to see them free
Scared they would be smarter know what is good and right
Scared they would find your secret hidden by that Light.

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