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Tavistock Square Gardens: Plaques ©

(4th August 2005 after visits to Tavistock Gardens 25th and 26th July 2005. The bombing of a bus on 7th July on the road outside the gardens provoked this response)

J. D. C. Campbell
Ayr, Scotland

"Standing as I do in the view of God and eternity
I realise that Patriotism is not enough
I must have no hatred or Bitterness towards anyone."

Edith Louisa Cavell

London rumbles all around
But here in quiet solitude
Sits peace and hope
Amidst the signs of love
Whilst flowers of prayer
Lie still within the Mahatmaís lap.
Yet, in contemplationís steady gaze,
His sightless eyes bore witness
To bomberís blast and bodies torn
Limb from limb
and family

Beneath those eyes a tear would fall
For there are those who still believe
A true God would encourage men
To carry out such evil deeds.

To think Divine, omnipotence
Would need such small and earthly tool,
As such the believer does not Believe
The Human ego has control.

Its lust for self importance
Its lust for total power
To take away
the most precious gift.
The will of self
Imposing over all.

Still all around the signs of peace
From every colour
From every creed
Declare such hope that allís not lost
From here we walk,
For we must walk,
The road to peace.

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