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Talking Drums ©

Nat Hall
Sandwick, Shetland

Cradle of our humanity,
your spirit lives in spite of scars -
whereas our world lives
beyond greed,
we mustn't forget Africa.

Cradle of our prosperity,
your spirit shines, looks to the stars -
eight white gurus
to shake that tree,
we cannot forget Africa.

Cradle of the world's dignity,
we're just like you, slave to dollars -
in this sordid and unfair game,
where monopoly rolls the dice,
we can help you rise,

Who said the world must keep you chained?
If our leaders were gentlemen,
they would face up to an old debt;
(empires built off your own blood...)
cotton can absorb so much sweat,
we must help you rise,

....Eight voices gathered in a glen,
chose with great care their own eyrie.
In Edinburgh, human chains
will beat their drums of destiny.
We speak together, Africa.

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