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Take My Hand ©

Emmanuel Martinez
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Your love is as sweet and pure as roses blossoming before the enchantment of my eyes
And through the intriguing eyes of love we shall abide
Your heart is as tender as the appeasable morning sky glorifying its existence
We shall grow together as one and envision our lives depicting our affection of endearment

Come, take my hand and walk with me
Share my likes..
My wishes and my life
Donít judge me, just love me

Accept me for who I am for I too hurt and cry when my heart is broken
Please forgive me for I am not perfect or flawless, but I am compassionate and mysterious
Forget not where we have been and together we shall discover the world is ours and at our fingertips.
We are each otherís lights and I shall illuminate your soul with sweet words of praise

I'll hold you tight and kiss your lips, for you are not alone
Through my prayers of love youíll find your pure and caring angel,
Liberating you from evil and giving you existence, for she has never abandoned you
I live now to say that I love and cherish you

You fill my life with hope and confidence...
One day we shall soon be together hand by hand and reminisce on our days of devotion and beauty
Receive me into your world and you shall have me forever, until death do us part
Youíre mine and I'm yours and in my heart you shall always remain forever us.

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