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Summer Months ©

Anne Dickson
Irvine, Scotland

Water running down the hills.
All the grass is green.
Lots of forests, full of trees.
What a lovely scene.

Low clouds all about the hills,
clearing with the sun.
People climbing up and down,
having lots of fun.

The sky is blue.
The sun shines bright.
The fields are all aglow.
The sheep and cows are in there now,
moving round real slow.

The shimmer of the morning dew,
is on the leaves and flowers.
Where insects get their water.
And animals get cool showers.

The lakes and streams are full of fish.
You see them swim about.
The frogs will leave their frogspawn,
till the tadpoles all come out.

It's a lovely time of year.
When all things are really nice.
When all the animals are in love,
even the little mice.

I love the summer months you see.
When things are full of zest.
When things are green and colourful.
I love this time the best.

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