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Sue You! ©

Tom R Young
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

Have we lost all sense of reason are we all stupid, are we dense
to put up with all these greedy sods who all sue for recompense
the compensation they pay out is there for all who seek
who climb aboard the gravy train in our courtrooms every week
they lie and perjure as they stand with straight faces in the dock
and swear to tell the honest truth when we all know that they will not
but should we really be surprised as they all play the suing game
when all the barristers and lawyers are all doing just the same
they advertise on our TV these greedy grasping vultures
for customers, to sue for cash in our compensation culture
they do not care as they stand there who is right and who is wrong
as they sing from the same hymn sheet and all sing the same old song
they stand there mouthing platitudes as they stand there still before us
and we have heard it all before as they sing the same old chorus.
How low can mankind really sink as they stand in wig and gown
and tell such barefaced whopping lies like a bunch of circus clowns
they do not care if you are guilty as in and out the courts they dash
suing left and right and centre in this mad pursuit for cash
this crazy legal roundabout has really gone too far
for these greedy men will take you on no matter who you are
we call some of them Your Honour my Lord and some just Sir
but tell me when did you last see a sad poor solicitor
for if they keep their noses clean they know they cannot fail
although some of them are just as bad and should be in the jail
so I ask you friends just once again letís get back to common sense
and clear our courts of senseless writs in pursuit of recompense
for courts are there to deal with those who reject and break the laws
and not for greedy grasping folk who exploit our legal flaws
In America they used to say a man must do what he must do
but now youíll hear them as they say a man must sue when he must sue

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