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Strength Within My Tiny Universe ©

This poem is referring to God as the inner strength...
It has many layers, if you read and re-read several times....

Tri Tran
California, USA

In the gloomy vortex of silent midnight,
Darkness buzzes like bees... moonlight murmurs like fireflies;
I, a lone wanderer, blaze in azure shine,
Fearless and calm like the indigo topazes of the Milky Way.

My heart, a young nightingale, hums happy melodies,
My arteries and veins, ever, relaxed and joyful...
Each tiny cell holds themselves up to face fear,
Each cry of the soul urges my organs not to tremble.

A weak current of electricity, from my head to my toes,
Awakens the dreamy neurones and axons...
I begin to see the dazzling rainbow of this autumn night...
At last, I realize in my tiny universe, there is a God

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