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Strange Love ©

Hacene Rahmouni
Algiers, Algeria

take me along with you !
I can't wait
With eyes shut
I'll go where you want me to
Where you are my love !
I'll be there with you
I'll be happy with you
From morning to night
In the heat of moment
On the verge of tears
In the shade of the horizon
In the depth of winter and the summer
In the worse and the better
I miss you, I'm thinking of you
take me along with you
For my college years, much to regret
In my loneliness, for my illness and sadness
For that old flame !
With my school maam
For that innocent love
Washed away by the tide
Buffeted by the waves
For my heart crushed by grief
take me along with you
In the middle of war and the peace
High up in the air, why not in the space!
In every nook and cranny
Near you honey, be an earthly paradise

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