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Star Thistles ©

Sonja Nic Rafferty

Between star thistles in the Caledonian moonlight
I am looking for the reason of so much ignorance
Give me hope star thistles - give me hope again
A mysterious mood is catching this summer's foggy night
Along the wilderness of my labyrinth of lost dreams
Like the archetype garden it could be under curse or blessing
I do not know how many years are left to me
For my journey and I want to believe in happy ends
But you my Scottish father had gone before I could meet you
You my German mother gave birth and left me the same time
My eyes are turned towards the wild Scottish Sea
Where the mighty ocean reflects all colours of the thistles
On my shoulders cold raindrops are falling quietly
I must walk alone along the lonely white beach
Because the mystical murmur from the waves
Tells me that finally I am on my ancestors' paths
Together with the northern winds I shout out loudly
Rebelling against the time - my old enemy
Give my heritage back - you had no rights to divide
What belongs together during my visit on earth
As long as thistles will grow under the starry sky
I will carry on looking for my Scottish roots
Give me hope star thistles - give me hope again

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