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S S Daphne (in memoriam) ©

Joe Sharp
Stra'ven, Scotland

The Day had dawned like any other one.
The Mother yawned and kissed her only son.
Watching as he slowly spread his wings.
Anxious as she cut her apron strings.
The Father walked beside his little boy.
The Offspring talked of dreams of hope and joy.
Apprenticed to his father would be hard.
Aboard the 'SS Daphne' in the yard.
His pride, a lass, was ready for her naming.
The Clyde alas, so greedy for the claiming.
When champagne bubbles drenched the hull.
The sky had turned a deathly dull.
Then down the slipway trailing chain.
The cheering crowd all wet with rain.
Foghorns blaring in celebration.
Tugboats waiting in anticipation.
In the blink of an eye the scene had changed.
Him in the sky had another arranged.
Into the river the steamship splashed.
With one dreadful lurch all hope was dashed.
Hope and dreams of the deep blue ocean.
As 'Daphne' was listing a circular motion.
The woeful Day wore on and on.
The Mother knew all hope was gone.
The Father she had come to cherish.
Among the ones who were to perish.
The Offspring, scarcely in his teens.
Remains with her in all her dreams.
The Day has ended, but Him above.
Will hold the souls within His love.

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