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Squirrel Politics ©

John McCallum
Falkirk, Scotland

Fur flickering twitcher of nibbling nature,
Acrobatic performer and tree-creeping creature,
A supreme perplexer and plebeian entrancer,
Nerve-end twinges, tweak that skillful answer.

A crafty pincher turned suspicious planker,
This crude campaigner fills an earthly tanker,
And between shared dreams gained snuggling tight,
Recurring rumbles lead to plots in the night.

Tail traced capers trigger leak detection,
Till nosey narrowing finds a-corn convection,
And quivering blinks on soily secrets sound,
To ponder the future of contested ground.

On propeller bearings, strobe selected to fool,
It's contriving sensors engineer the safe dual,
With lightning pulses that purblind new position,
This nifty shifting bush runs rodent politician.

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