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The older generation telling us what to do now in these troubled times, though having no concept of the modern art of War or Terrorism. Makes you ask why didn't they sort it all out properly in their day....?

Jim (Jock) Love
Stonehenge, England

These mutterings from the old and bold brigade
Whence young and fit,
Were the lions of England, who roared
And didst defend this mighty countryís shores
Through their bravery and their deeds

Are these then the same men
Who now old, cackle and wail
Pointing the finger of suspicion
Because of Faith
Or the colour of your skin

'Tis not the colour
Nor the belief
But Evil
Whose subtle preachingís
Give us cause to fear.

Youíre England?
Nay, say I and others
Our country
Our people
Our God

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