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Spiders ©

My house is full of totally real spiders of all shapes and sizes. They live peacefully and undisturbed by me. My mother-in-law however has a fear of spiders. I also sometimes occasionally indulge in the odd tipple of Vodka.

Jim (Jock) Love
Stonehenge, England

As he sat in the dark.
He smiled.

And all the while.

The walls and the ceiling,
smiled back.

It was their little secret.

Although the coke can was empty,
he poured out another Vodka anyway.

Back went his head.

As it slid down his throat.
Put the fire back in his belly again.

When he opened his eyes,
the spiders were gone.

Only four hours,
and a quarter of a bottle left.

Would the spiders get him before Dawn?

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