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Spaceman ©

Anne Dickson
Irvine, Scotland

I am a groovy spaceman.
I live on planet Org.
I travel round the universe.
In my spaceship called Zorg.

It takes me where I'm going.
Looking for some fun.
On planet Z there's music.
And dancing's their number 1.

My hair is long and purple.
My suit is black and blue.
My boots are really yellow
And I dress so unlike you.

I travel in my spaceship.
Going here and there.
Seeing different species.
Travelling round everywhere.

Lots are different colours.
Most don't look the same.
All have different languages.
And some have funny names.

I stopped on planet Zoron.
To have a drink of sprite.
I go to planet Bigalo,
And stop there for the night.

I eat on planet Wazo.
Having lots of food.
Eating lots of funny things.
When I'm in the mood.

I love going round the universe.
Seeing what's going on.
I even go to planet Earth.
To have an ice cream cone.

I hop about the planets.
And have a lot of treats.
And meeting lots of people.
That really are quite neat.

I head across the universe.
Back to planet Org.
My weekend fun is over.
But will be back again in Zorg.

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