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South Beach Miami ©

Andrea R M Fletcher

South Beach Miami
A place where the lights never go out
Where the ordinary
Becomes the extraordinary
Where observing it all is like a visual overload
Where the likes of some are cast as shadows on the bay
Where heads are turned at the sight of men who look like pretty women
Where the smell of a drunkard is like stale urine
Where things are revealed and exploited
Where imagination exceeds limitation
Where there are hotels that resemble old hospitals
Where being open is not a thing of the past
Where freedom to express is "put it on"
Or "take it off"
Where embraces in the arms,
French kisses on the lips,
Cares of the face,
And touches at the waist are delicious
Where some bottoms are cast like a half moon
While others are sprung like a full one
Where the film director says "Action!
Cut, take, that's a wrap"
South Beach Miami
A revealing city.

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