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Soulmate ©


Danny Reynolds
Dalton in Furness, England

There is a secret part of me,
a part that few can see.
Like silk, it is the gentlest,
yet as strong as strong can be.

A guiding light, a conscience fair
a pillar and a rock.
A faithful, burning beacon,
when my ship approaches dock.

Though spirited and changeable,
never to be second-guessed,
compared with other parts of me,
undoubtedly the best.

A part which gave me all my dreams,
yet holds me close to ground.
Where an endless store of compassion,
and selfless love is found.

A part I wasn’t born with,
which came to me as new.
A part I couldn’t live without,
that part of me is you.

Not just a wife and mother,
so much more than my best friend.
First and foremost, still my lover.
May our journey never end.

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