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Soul Heritage ©

Sonja Nic Rafferty

Germany, here we come if you allow,
Ready to look for our identity now.
From the stony Alps to the mighty North Sea
You kindly offered to accompany
Us and here where we laughed and cried,
Foster parents taught us never to ask why.

How many are we?
Who ever will tell me?

Scotland, here we come, canít you see?
Before destiny changes life to death for eternity.
From Tayside to the Highlands weíll travel
To the wild seashores and calm inland gravel.
Itís a long way up but letís spend some time of a year
On a place where we also belong without fear.

How can we realize?
Who ever will tell me no lies?

Germany and Scotland, Scotland and Germany
A whole life to and fro is our destiny
And divided promises of a blessing for today.
Who can tell us how to find the better way?
Every street has two ends to come back
Because our road never has been a cul-de-sac.

How do we know?
Who ever will teach me to go?

On our journey a deep ocean we cross somehow
But troubled water promised more than it keeps now.
If we sink we wonít rise with a smile
Letís fight for our freedom worthwhile.
Making dreams come true before itís too late
Needs us siblings hand in hand to defy our fate.

How many German-Scottish children search in Dundee?
Who ever? Iím afraid not many but me!

The Alps and the Highlands still will be there
When we are dead and nobody might care
About a gone quiet searcher and private rebel.
So we have to dig for roots before our last farewell!
Should we be proud or loudly shout out to be Scottish-German?
Not really legitimate but like an exotic plant quite seldom!

How can we ignore?
Who ever understands our way of life?

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