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Son of a Coal Miner in Kelty ©

John Bearcat-Redmond
Kansas, USA

I was born outside Edinburgh and brought up in Fife
My adopted father's a miner, it's a dangerous life
No brothers, no sisters but kept very healthy
In Blair street and Union street in a wee place called Kelty
I will tell you a bit about all my life
From miner to soldier, farming and rail
From labouring with Wimpey on the Inverness trail
I've had ups and downs and struggles and strife
A family of my own and a beautiful wife
When you lived in Kelty there was dirt and there was grime
Life with the neighbours was shared most of the time
The door was always open and the kettle always on the grate
Your key was on a string, ye didnae bother locking your gate
Men talked about the fitba and the coupons were a must
My father was always coughing, it was the Lindsay's black dust
Whether it wis sweat in his eyes, or maybe it was tears
He was always talking about those long-ago years
So where e're you may be in your journey through life
Just think of a Son of a miner in Fife

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