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Song of Donnchadh ©

Robert D. Elder
Brunswick, ME, USA

What dream did you come from,
what shore, what place in time,
what visions of a thousand lives
of rising soul,
resonate though your strong heart?

sitting now on Arthur's Seat of stone
with time tendrils singing
through your long red hair.
what women have you loved,
children nurtured, battles known, men and women led,
what songs and poems sung by firelight?

it is the song of the oak,
of these rock hills and green seashores
that flow through you,
bard of our time,
to engage the lonely,
the longing, the lost,
the sleeping, and the hurt
in the healing place of pure being,

What great wind has blown you here
out of the mythic light,
and given you voice
and an ancient druid's strength to heal the world?

You, Duncan,
guardian of the dreamtime,
stand on this spot looking out from a high hill
to the great lough of kindness
by the ocean of knowing.

so drink when you are thirsty,
rest when you are weary,
and meet now your own true face.

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