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Snowflake Garden ©

Mike Barclay
Münster, Germany

Come with me
Into this wonderful land of fantasy
Joy and peace dwell within
Love blooms forming a bouquet
Christmas delight
Angels sing and children play
Snowflakes falling from above
Into the garden created with love

We break through the mighty door
The gate of our destiny
A winged unicorn wears the silver key
In the colours of the heart
Of my country
Snow kisses the winter wonderland
Memories of silence
Catch little dreams

This holly night
Crystal flakes
Are falling from the ocean
Of cold winter stars
A small Christmas tree
Made a wish to heaven's door
Angels hear whispering his heart
The gate of love
Send some dreams
Longings fall from the golden skies
Waves of light
Kiss the poor lost heart
Of the little Christmas tree
A fairy comes down to earth
To make a dream come true
The little tree was reborn
As a Christmas child
To bring us joy
The soul of Christmas
And snowflakes
Singing a sweet serenade
From a tale
Of a Christmas tree
In my snow garden
The moon is shining bright
The holly light
And my last unicorn
Are dancing with crystal dreams
To my land of Christmas wishes
And I’ll know
The Tree sends me his heart
To feel like a Christmas child
In a garden of snowflakes
Behind the stars

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