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Snap Shots ©

John McCormick
Bass Lake, Ontario, Canada

When we are shown our picture,
We say, "That's Not Like Me!"
If it's really not like you, my friend,
Who else, then, can it be?
We smile, then pose,
And take our chance,
To have it look just right.
The resultant shot shows.
Eyes are closed,
And other things that might,
Be wrong.
Such as,
A droopy lip,
A stupid grin,
A really bad hair day.
Never doubt,
Don't throw it out,
You really look that way. (at times)
Keep lots of pictures
Of when you're young,
As later you will find,
Though youth be ever in your heart,
Beauty is in the mind.
When you discard that picture,
You'll see that as you age,
The wrinkles showing there are real,
It's not the crumpled page.

Smile! Yer Oan Candid Camera!
(and just to keep ma "clink" Scottish)

Noo wi' ma digital camera,
When ye say, "That's no' like me!"
Ah flip a switch
An' like a flash.
Ah delete the "photograph-ee"

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