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Smoking ©

William Carolan
Luton, England

If you use smoking against stress as a buffer,
in the end you should know that your health will suffer.
The usual cry is, "I can stop when I want!"
but when you try, you find that you can't.
That's when the trouble really begins,
you try to give up, but the cigarette wins.
Others told you not to, but all in vain,
now you know their advice was sane.
Then you decide to stop it in stages,
but doing it this way will only take ages.
You may cut it down with good intent
even say, "I will give it up for lent."
But when the time comes the intention fades,
your willpower won't let you keep the promise you made.
But willpower is what it's all about,
if you haven't got this, it amounts to nought.
If you think of the money you spend each week,
this may help you gain the answer you seek.
And you may, in the end, see the way clear,
by what you would save, in just one year.
If you look at it wisely, the cigarette you crave,
will, in the end, put you in the grave.....

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