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Smile ! ©

Tom R Young
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

A Smile upon a cheerful face
can brighten up the human race
Then reach into the darkest place
and dark despair can often chase
Can help us all to life embrace
and worry lines from face erase
A smile can oft a frown displace
and make this world a better place
A smile can brighten up your day
despite what pessimists may say
then send you smiling on your way
and keep you cheery come what may
a smile can help at work and play
and help you through the daily fray
then as you kneel at night to pray
you’ll bloom as all the flowers in may
a smile can chase away the gloom
can lighten up a crowded room
be a smiling bonus and a boon
at morning time or afternoon
when a cheery smile becomes a grin
it lets the warming sunshine in
and shows what warmth there is within
our family and kith and kin
so smile as you pass in the street
and give a smile to those you meet
these lifelong friends you daily greet
with whom you try to be discreet
for a cheery smile and warm embrace
says welcome to the human race
is not a crime and no disgrace
to those who smile and self efface

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