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Si Vous Ete Le Reigne (De Vieux Napoli) ©

Gordon Fjaelberg
Bridgend, Wales

Si vous ete le Reigne
De vieux Napoli,
Fahren hier heute
And come in time for tea.
Wear your new tiara,
For I shall buy a suit;
You can have a cheese-cake,
Whilst I'd enjoy some fruit.

Should you seek discretion
That's something I don't lack;
Merely tell your chauffeur
To drop you round the back.
When the time approaches
For you to leave, at ten,
Telephone the Palace
To bring you home again.

There's an air about you,
I've seen it on the screen,
Maybe it's got something
To do with being Queen.
Smile upon my offer
To dine with me, alone,
Then I'd grant asylum
Should you be overthrown.

Si vous ete le Reigne
De vieux Napoli
Ileum tal hennah,
Please keep me company.
We could talk on matters
Most precious to your heart,
Chat about the weather,
Review the state of art.

You would look beguiling
Ensconsed on my settee,
Chewing on a biscuit,
Engaged in repartee.
If the sun were shining
Then it might prove a lark
Driving in the country,
Or walking in the park.

If I sip my whisky
Then you will have some wine;
I shall bring you roses
Or scented columbine.
We'd sit by the fire
And watch the embers stir,
Quand vous ete le Reigne,
Le Reigne de ma coeur.

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