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Sitting on the Edge of My Lips ©
An eternity of Love... and so it is!

Nat Hall
Sandwick, Shetland

My feet on Earth my head away,
You're watching me but I'm not here!
Lost in my world... Gone is my way...
Those words they scream I cannot hear.

A breathing ghost I'm day dreaming;
Under grim clouds I'm not dwelling.
Whispering sounds of desires,
My mind wanders like hitch-hikers!

High in the sky where eagles fly
You've climbed that rock and made me dream...
Golden feathers have touched the stream;
My inner soul has felt the stag.

Sitting on the edge of my lips,
Your name bears Love when I say it.
Turning my heart all inside out,
Magic letters I love to shout.

You're always here,
Deep in my mind -
My heart is yours,
Your heart is mine.

Bound in one love,
Of this I'm sure; like one we speak, nothing to fear.

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