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Sing For Your Friend, Ben Young ©

Robbie Kennedy Bennett
Wolverhampton, England

So young, too young,
To have to mourn Ben Young.
Eighteen, eighteen,
So much to see,
Sights he should have seen.
So sad, so sad,
For his sister Kelly,
And their mom and dad.

And the whole congregation
Tried to hold their tears,
He left this world in his teenage years.
So sad, so sad,
How could they prepare
For the news they had.

A hundred, a hundred,
And a hundred or more,
Came to the church
They spilled out of the door.
Inside, outside,
They fought their tears,
And hundreds cried.

There were lorry loads
of pretty flowers,
A single rose,
They cried for hours.

So proud, real proud,
To be his friend,
This teenage crowd.
In grief, in disbelief,
They stood around,
They lay him in the ground.

Young friends, young life,
As you go forth to be a man or wife.
Take Ben, in your prayer,
All over the world
Take him everywhere.
Every song, that is sung,
Sing for your friend, Ben Young.

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