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Sin ©

Stewarton, Scotland

When we have sinned it's not such a crime
Absolved by the priest at confessional time
Our soul has been cleansed by the end of the day
We've said our Hail Mary's and go on our way

We'll slip now and then from our Godly wee path
So it's back to the priest lest we suffer God's wrath
It's now so routine, this spiritual healing
It's now so routine that it's lost all its meaning

We know that poor Jesus had died on the cross
Of course of course we mourn for that loss
He died and we're sorry what more can we say?
We sinned, and we're sorry: we occasionally stray

This is the truth and this is the light
What I reveal is a terrible sight
He suffers now: He is not dead
He feels the thorns around His head

When we have sinned we rack Him with pain
He's forced to endure His passion again
We're driving those nails into each shattered limb
We're breaking His heart: His light slowly dims

Remember this, my wayward friend
That when you sin that's not the end
So tread the path, He showed the way
That's why Christ's alive today

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