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Simple Pleasures ©

Fife, Scotland

Simple pleasures
putting my hand in a coat pocket
Finding change from shopping
Is like the Easter eggs that
Lay in secret hidden nooks
Waiting for my eyes to see
The silver foil unmistakable
In April’s weak sunlight

My winter coat at the back
Of the wardrobe yielded silver
Fifty pence and two ten pence pieces
Change from a shopping trip

Often there is but a penny
And I know that likely
My hand were full of carrier bags
My purse tucked up in my handbag

Yellow stamps telling me my daily papers are paid
Have stained the pocket of my raincoat
Like the unused throat pastille
melted into a sticky mess in my Sunday jacket

I have a jacket without pockets
I don’t miss them much
Another has tacking threads
Keeping the pristine line

Best of all is my garden fleece
A packet of tissues….some string
Sweet peas seeds which I will plant
And the key to the shed I mislaid

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