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Signs of the Thistle ©

Sonja Nic Rafferty & Mike Barclay
Münster, Germany

I'm the last wish of a dying thistle
And have seen so many loves and sins
The winds near the glens are my best friend
They will say hello my dear old buddy
And the birds and trees sinning from sweetness
Sometimes my ears listen to old eagle's tales
About the Scottish hopes and lost dreams of clans
And Ben Nevis or a city in the Highlands called Inverness
In the lonely nights I can hear the bagpipes
And I listen to the heart of my country and the bonnie banks
Looking up at the sparkling Northern Lights
Where millions of stars yet shine so bright
Only time can heal my almost broken heart
For when the glorious time of the thistle will come
Highland birds chirp from dawn till dusk
In the midst of the thistles' full bloom so bright
Please, sit down with me in a little while
At the bonnie banks and listen to the bagpipes
Making my thousands of lonely tears go away
In the highland city called Inverness
When the flower of Scotland bathes in the sunset
Caledonia's nature calms down my fears
Day and night I feel that in my soul
The eagle's tales brought peace to me
And the winds near the glens are still my friends

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