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Should I ©

by Francesca Monique Garcia
Santa Clara, California, USA

Should I be overwhelmed that I'm with you?
Should I get excited when you call?
Should I be sad when you leave me?
Should I give my heart to you?
Should I trust you?
Should I care for you the way I do?
What about what I want?
What about what I need?
What about the way I feel?
Does that seem to matter?
Why is it so hard for you to express how you feel towards me?
Are you afraid of commitment?
Baby, don't be afraid to love me
or to even care for me
I want to be with you.
you know it's true.
I want to give myself to you one day.
Baby you know I'm real with you,
and that I'm down for you.
All I want is for you to love me, cherish me, respect me and to need me.
Be here for me always.
Until that day when you look deep into my eyes and see what's there inside,
say those three little words I long to hear,
I love you.

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