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Ship of Longings ©

Mike Barclay
Münster, Germany

Fly like an eagle my little dream
Over Mountains
To forgotten realms
To hearts of longings
Your wings touches
The clear water of dreams

Faces filled with tears
Wishes born so deeply
Winds call my name
Dark the night
Like your eyes to your heart

I cross the sea
With my ship of longings
Silver glens
Surrounded by blooming heather
You're my dream my Celtic Flower

Fire and ice
Memories will pass
Scotland's dreams will come true
Snowflakes kiss my Celtic Flower

Stars fall from heaven
Like roses of longings
Delicate, sweet and softly
Pride is my Scottish last rose

Winds stroke through silver glens
Memories of forgotten times
Kisses the ancient tartans
Across the sea sails my ship
Of lost memories and longings
With my Celtic Flower of dreams

My hopes walk through the land of my birth
Tears end in a river of crystal flakes
My journey, my destiny
Closed the sleepy eyes
When the silver light kissing the heart of Scottish glens
And my Celtic Rose kissed me once again

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