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Shelter Bay ©

David Lee Sulgrove
Nine Mile Falls, USA

Veils of mystery
unfold above calm waters
of the sleepy harbor

Gentle sprites
banish trails of dream mist
in precession of the rising phoenix

Newborn facets
of dancing diamonds
glisten within the rippled mirror

Murmuring waves
of moon tides turning
send vessels large and small astir

Sanctuary is here
among old timbers of the pier
and the well worn wood of the docks

Seabird echoes
suspended in silence
spiral across the azure tranquillity

Activity quickens on the wharf
as deck hands stow cargo
then up anchor to get under way

Navigating oceans of life
adventurous planet riders
vanish on horizons of milky light

When the last burning embers descend
small boats and great ships trickle in
to the harbor of Shelter bay

Whilst seaworthy dreams take hold
the restless sleep of young and old
yet another nautical day awaits

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