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She ©

Malcolm Beaton
Stirling, Scotland

How was I to know that within the year of contact with her
It would start to take my reactions, exhilarations and feelings back to my youth,
those feelings that returned of my first-ever wonderful kiss.
A heady memory of long ago.

The feelings flowed over me engulfing me in a sensuality that grows with each contact.
I feel a loss each time I have to go.
There are a thousand reasons I can think of for not going
And each time a hundred less of why I should.

I'm sitting waiting and you return to me.
My heart beats loudly sending blood coursing through my body
Satisfying a pleasure that I awaited
to see you, to talk to you and so much longing to hold.

You become my reality in my dreams, an angel to watch over me, but I know you are real.
I awake and open my eyes just as the sun has risen.
Outside there is a Blackbird singing its song.
I lay and listen, it seems to be saying wake up p-r-e-t-t-y dear.

I turn and look into your face
Kiss your lips and you smile for me.
My dreams, my heart, my love, and my life never ending, just one more kiss.
I smile. Just one more kiss.

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