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Seasons ©

William Carolan
Luton, England

Spring lifts the winter's gloom
when all the flowers start to bloom;
bringing forth a display of colour
to brighten up the garden's palour.

A time gardeners love so much
to bring green fingers into touch,
to plant seeds they hope will grow
into a colourful floral show.

And when they do, to just sit down,
and see the beauty all around,
the trees with leaves and blossom fair,
just to sit and gladly stare.

Because they know it just won't last
for autumn season is coming fast
when the leaves will all turn brown
and soon all come tumbling down.

When this is seen they know for sure
that frost's on its way and winter's near.
With it will come, the snow and the ice
and other things not so nice.

With it comes the winter's chill
when we must wrap up with a will
and hope to get through this season
looking forward to spring, with good reason.

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