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Sea of Glass ©

Josette Marie Louise Lager
California, USA

grandpa Gus you sure were an onry' ol' cus
with you bull Durham pouch and prince Albert in a can.
let 'em out there he goes there he ran------*****

you use to have this old whiskey glass
filled with coffee cream and a raw egg
every morn' from the time you were born.

look at those old overalls yer' a wearin'
just a sitten' there a cussin' and a swearin'
fat or thin short or tall
osh kosh begosh fits em 'all.

Mid Morning Dementia.
it's bath time now and Grandma Mamie's
a fightin' ya at the top of the stairs
she's a winnin' just a tuggin'
and a pullin' and a grinnin'.

one foot in and then another
and plop! down ya go.
into a beautiful old white cast iron
porcelain inlaid tub with feet on em'
did I forget to mention
we had real copper pipes?

Now with all of these memories
I seem to recall one in particular
the time you chased me down the alley.
to the R.E.A. Bldg. just for being
in Alvin's apple tree
and like in a B movie I fell
and the chase was on.

I jumped up on what appeared to be
a gigantic spool of thread
actually it was copper coil wiring
wrapped around my spool
I felt safe there I pretended
I was the incredible shrinking woman

Grandpa is gone now
over the fence and over the wall
and so are his osh kosh begosh overalls.
I too am leaving the world of small.
I miss ya Grandpa Gus
You sure were an onry ol' cus.

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