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Sea of Crystal Waters ©

Mike Barclay
Münster, Germany

My Memories lost in the winds of change
Take me to the crystal waters
Near the shores and places of my dreams
I am falling deep in your lost nightmares
My mind feels a lot of torment and pain
The blood in my veins turning to ashes
I see the green of the dark hills
The smell of the blooming heather is all around me
My words are written in the blood of the Clans
Life is a slow river of dead faces
I watch the Flower of Scotland blooming in your garden
The breath of dreams catches my heart
Reaches for my soul
You're the bride of Scotland's pride
Kissing the longing of the empty Glens
Silver light dancing over a thousand moors
A garden of stones growing in empty wishes
My eyes bleeding teardrops every night
Feel the heart of the world of empty glasses
Scotland's heart filled with too many tears
Like a sea of crystal waters
My heart felt the pain of my country in chains
We lived like slaves in empty lost dreams
Wish I could bring freedom to the land of my birth
March with me to Scotland's heart and kiss the beauty of the rose

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