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Scunnered ©

Paul Murdoch
Alexandria, Scotland

Iím scunnered weh the dreary dawn, the knackert night, the mokart morn.
Iím scunnered weh the price o breed, o mingin mulk, an manky mead.

Iím scunnered weh the missis teh, her trachalt clehs and heed o grey.
Iím scunnered weh ma clapped oot cor, thit canny trundle very for.

Iím scunnered noo way Aberdeen, its lanky loons and querist queines
Iím scunnered teh weh Dundeeís grime, Way Snekieís grub an Glesgaís crime.

Am scunnered sick weh Blair an Broon, theyíve ripped the guts oot ma wee toon.
Am scunnered how they shut the hames, tear doon the schools, an dodge the blame.

Am scunnered teh weh war an strife, weh flood an famine, loss o life,
Am scunnered weh extemes o view, thit canny tak the other shoe.

Am scunnered teh weh midges, clegs, wey ticks and flehs an clatty keds,
Am scunnered noo weh workiní ferms, wey moanin minniesí blue-rinse perms.

An hoo am a so doon in mooth; gon shame the devil, tell the truth.
Weh awe that wis, an stil may be? - Am scunnered weh maself, ye see.

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