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Scotland ©

J.M. Smith
Illinois, USA

I've walked a Roman road.
I've climbed the castle keep
Where time lies in repose
And ancient warriors sleep.

I've stood where Wallace stood
At the bridge near Stirling town
Where the field ran red with blood
When proud Edward's men went down.

I've hiked the Grampians' heights
In winter's rain and snow.
I've seen the eagle's flights
Above the river, Coe.

I've strode Culloden Moor
Where the fate of the clans was sealed.
It was death or a foreign shore
For those who did or did not yield.

I've seen the land made bare
Where once the clans had been,
By chiefs who did not care
And hate-filled Englishmen.

I've breathed the morning mist
Of mountain, moor and glen,
Like a bonny lassie's kiss
That I will not taste again.

Yes, I love that wondrous land
Where beauty meets the sea,
And timeless figures stand
Still beckoning to me.

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