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Scotland, My Home ©

H Marshall

Sail east on Atlantic roller's power,
Follow the Gulf Stream weather;
Face north from the Greenwich Mean Time hour,
There lies a land of heather.

Pause on the frantic, battered shore,
Gaze up to the hills and bens.
Marvel at how the mighty rivers pour
Their torrents down through the glens.

Shelter your head from heavy scudding clouds
As they disgorge their wet load.
Capture the beauty of the rainbow shrouds,
Glistening on rain-soaked road.

Climb Highland Munros where the air is clear
Wonder at the waterfall.
Scale the steep mountains, packed with red deer,
Hear the capercaillie call.

Soak-in the sunset of the Western Isles
Hear the Gaelic lilting sound.
View the Atlantic's vast, watery miles
And breakers on wild rocks pound.

Venture south to the gentle Lowland shires
Where sheep and cattle graze.
Find the land where Burn's poetry inspires
And sets Scottish hearts ablaze.

Hear the words of Stevenson, Scott and Hogg,
Music of Shand and Skinner.
Picnic quietly on a roadside log
Enjoy a haggis dinner.

Meet some of our Kings, like Shakespeare's "MacBeth",
Queens like "Mary Queen of Scots".
Ruling a Nation under fear of death,
"Bonnie Prince Charlie" did not.

Visit our ancient majestic castles,
Hear our history unfold.
Gasp at the number of gory battles
A proud Nation's story told.

Sense the pride in our valiant heroes
Robert the Bruce and Wallace.
When our Nation was facing the death throes
They brought victory and solace.

See colours of the land in the tartans,
Each with a mark in history.
Owned by Scottish Regiments and Clans,
They tell Scotland's proud story.

Mark the number of clever inventors
This small country produced.
So many world famous contributors
Great ideas introduced.

Sample our heart-warming "water of life",
Make sure you know the way home.
Take a bonnie lassie to be your wife,
And she will make you her own.

Note the patriotism of our folk,
Their resourcefulness and pride.
About ourselves we will share a joke,
But let none, our name deride!

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