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Scotland ©

Ian McCrae
Sydney, Australia

Take me back: take me back
To the land that I love,
The message I have
Comes from heaven above.

The roadways and glens
Are heavens on earth.
The moorlands and green fields
The land of my birth.

Take me back: take me back
To where I was born.
I love the beach trees
And the hawthorn.

Sometimes at night
I look up to the sky,
There's no plough in the heavens
There are tears in my eyes.

The walks through the heather
At my father's side,
The stars in heavens
I remember with pride.

Take me back: take me back
To where the stars are so bright,
Where the plough and the bear
Are in the heavens each night.

The message from heaven
To all the lost souls,
This is heaven on earth
Come back to the fold.

Scotland, Scotland
Your mountains and rivers,
Scotland, Scotland
I love you forever

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