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Scotland Forever ©

Ian McCrae
Sydney, Australia

Three hundred years behind us
Now the way is clear,
I am what I am
We will stand up and cheer.

Our Celtic background guides us
Through troubled days of yore,
The Stone of Scone and legend
Will remain forever more.

Our ancestors walk beside us
Today and all our lives,
Hand in hand together
We all shared the strife.

The key to our future
Lies deep within our past
From our forefathers
We all know the dye is cast

From the crofter's cottage to city hall
The Celtic power reigns,
The guardians of tradition
Is with us once again

Clansmen all together
Living worlds apart.
Carry our traditions
Deep within their heart

The power within our Celtic race
Holds us all together.
We can write across the sky
Scotland "now" forever.

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