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Scotland, Be Proud Of Me! ©

by Colin Lillie
Limerick, Ireland

I never thought I could leave my home
my love my one stable thing.
Something that was always there,
through the bad times and the sad times;
That haven which gave me such happy times.
But now that I have gone,
I know what you truly mean to me.
And watching you disappear
with the sun in my face,
I know you are pushing me on
to see a life that can be full.
But even though I leave behind
things that make me who I am,
I know you will take care of them.
In some eyes I am a coward
for not staying and fighting.
But to leave is a battle all of its own
as I see that when I return,
all that I have left will still be there.
For Scotland you are my home,
my history and my future.
So I intrust you
with that which is dear to me;
Until the day I come home
a wiser and fuller son;
Who you can be proud of!

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