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Scotland 2004 ©

Lucia Mussollini
Edinburgh, Scotland

The Royal Society
Or the I.O.G.
Are you in or out
Let's just wait and see
If your RBOS bank balance
Rises like those MSPs
Or your face appears on Newsnight
More than the usual academics
Will the Evening News trick you
Into 'speaking your mind'
Then go in for the real kill
And swell their Presbyterian pound
Is the currency nepotism,
Or transparency and progress
Will the people of Scotland
Ever recover from this 'process'
As the suicide rate rises
And our boys are now Neds
Are we seeing Scottish Rugby
Champion the cause of the laird
Is it too late to stem
The migration of talent
That is, the English
Return to their real patriotism, latent
Do you care? Are you comfy?
Will you willingly let them?
Ignore the weak and the hungry
Never thinking that one day
Those paranoid prats in suits
Giving Scotland the boot
Will retrospectively consider
What you gave for this country
When your neighbour says, "Where were you?"
Will you be able to say
"I saw you through."
Or will it be like Nazi Germany
Guilt being their final currency
Will we go like the Balkans
Do you think it can't happen
If you turn a blind eye
The zealot will not dampen
The grip they are gaining
Over the poor and the weak
And in your life you will witness
The effects of your lack of speech
Do you think it's democratic
To allow this money racket
They have called 'our parliament'
Do you think you are part of it
Will your Muslim friends
Want to see you ruined
Cos you continue to deny them
A true place in your school
Do you sicken when you realise
Their children will rule
I would rather a Muslim
Than a CoS fool

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