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Schizophrenia ©

Nandlal Kanjibhai Pancholi
Gujarat, India

Yelling at hallucinations with grimaces
He confronts shadows in public places
And donning wooden face, tosses
Between manic depressive psychosis

Dialogues incoherent, logic weird
But bizarre visions surpass Dali and Picasso
Or in self-inflicted agony invoke Dante's Inferno
Symbolize residual junk--life collecting junks

Acting never so dramatic
soliloquy never so erratic
Sudden threats daze strangers
Or his suffering of pity stirs
But obsessed by suspicion of thought insertion
He keeps blaming others for his own action

Withdrawing himself from society
He lives in a queer world of reverie
Meeting him gives a feeling of having visited
The dilapidation of an erstwhile grand mansion

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