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Santa's Little Helpers ©

Anne Dickson
Irvine, Scotland

It's coming up to Christmas
with Santa and his sleigh.
All his elves are working
or this very special day.

The north pole can be icy,
snow is on its way.
The elves are nice and cosy
in their workshop where they stay.

They are working very hard
making lots of toys.
For all the little children
be they girls or be they boys.

They make things for the children,
even adults too
They try to make all types of things
so your wishes all come true.

Santa reads your letters
he tells them what you wish
They all work till Christmas eve
even making a little dish.

They are Santa's Little Helpers,
loading up his sleigh.
So Santa can deliver gifts
on this special day.

He could not do without them,
on them he can depend.
Working for him all year through,
even over the weekend.

When Santa brings your presents,
all the things that you desire.
Remember his little helpers
having a day off by the fire.

It is the one day of the year
they can have a rest.
When Santa delivers the presents
down your chimney breast.

So wish all of the little elves
a Happy Christmas Day.
As Santa makes his way back home
with his reindeer and his sleigh.

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